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Arctic's Sweet Summer Rose

Age: 5 years

Weight: 85 pounds

Color: Red / Black Overlay / Black Mask

Sire : Kai , Dam : Eclipse 

Rosie is a super sweet girl, very rambunctious and energetic, hence hard to photograph!!! She hasn't met a stranger, either! Rosie is also a "Tweenie" Akita (1/2 American Akita, 1/2 Japanese Akita). Her coat is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen. Very dense undercoat, with intense outer guard hairs. Weatherproof fur at it's finest! Rosie is still growing, and her ears will become fully erect over time. She's such a cutie pie, and even sweeter in person.

Pictures below are from August 2020 

Shown below at 3 years old (it's snow on her all black muzzle) 

Shown below at 18 months old

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