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Some of these are general sites, while there are a few local businesses we recommend for those of you living in the Fairbanks, Alaska area.

If you decide you'd like to participate in some of the AKC sponsored events, like Confirmation showing, Rally, and Obedience, or just want some support from dog lovers near you, joining a kennel club is a great option. Kennel clubs offer classes for you and your dog - Akitas are a working breed - they are happiest when they have a "job" to do - training them and having fun with it is rewarding for both dog and owner. Having a dog that will actually listen to you is essential. Listed below are the AKC Kennel Clubs in Alaska. Find the club closest to you:

Dog Show Information

This is a page I wrote, explaining exactly what is involved, if you choose to purchase a show dog from me, and some of what is expected, as far as training, etc. I have also included some videos to watch, to get a better idea of how to train your dog for the show ring. For full details, please refer to the AKC FULL Puppy Agreement form, found on the 

Wait List Info Page.

Alaska K9 Center

This top notch dog training facility is run by Beth Frank, and is located in North Pole, Alaska. All kinds of classes, from agility to confirmation show ring training to obedience, from basic to advanced. Something for everyone. AK K9 Center is where it's at!

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

The database for all health test results

Diamond Naturals dog food

A really good food to start with - just use the regular adult formula, either the chicken/rice, beef/rice, or lamb/rice formulas are the best. This food has no wheat, corn or soy - perfect for Akitas!

Kirkland Signature (Costco brand) dog food

This formula has everything that Diamond Naturals (see above) has, and more, for less cost!  In store, it is less expensive than what the website lists it for.  I get mine for under $36.00 per 40 pound bag.  Love this food for Akitas of ALL life stages.  It has fish, rice, kelp, probiotics and more.  Very good food for a great price, if you or a friend has a Costco membership. 

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This particular formula (Pacific Stream with Smoked Salmon Recipe) has the perfect ratio of protein to fat (25/15) for growing puppies, and can be used into adulthood as well.  A high quality food, and remember that Akitas do very well on a fish based diet. Fish and Rice is OK too. You can buy this food at both Alaska Feed Company & Cold Spot Feeds.  Also check out the Ancient Stream formula; the protein level is a bit high for growing puppies, but can be used for adults dogs.    

Golden Heart Veterinary Clinic

(Very nice facility, with warm, caring staff and vets. You do have to bring your puppy in, between ages 3-4 months, for a rabies vaccination. Only a licensed Vet can administer this shot. They need a booster of Rabies 1 year after their initial shot, and every 3 years after that.)

Alaska Feed Company

(Great place to get "bulk" dog food - dogs need variety, among many other great pet and farm products, including Alaskan-Made products) 

Cold Spot Feeds

(Here, you can buy your puppy its first set of three shots (5-Way Parvo). Just give one shot every three weeks, three times. All you have to do is pinch a bit of skin between the shoulder blades, forming a "tent" and then inject the shot into the front of that fold of skin. They barely feel a thing, and it's SO much more cost effective than going to the Vet three separate times. They also have the Kennel Cough vaccine there (Bordatella), and that can be given after the set of 5-Way Parvo shots are completed. After that, go to the vet for Rabies at age 3-4 months, give an annual booster of the 5-Way, and Rabies in 1 year after the 1st shot, and every three years after that.)

Babies and Dogs ??

Click here for a great article on how to properly introduce a new baby to your furry family member. 

Safari Self Cleaning Brush

(The only / best brush you'll ever need for your furry friend!!)

- More links to come as I find them -

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