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Arctic's Zeke

Age: 10 months

Weight: 80 pounds

Color: Silver Brindle / Self Mask

Oh, where to start with my Zekey boy!!! He is one of the best Akitas I've ever had. Just everything about him is amazing. His coat feels as plush as the most expensive stuffed animal you've ever felt. Many say it's like a Chinchilla coat, it's so dense and soft. It's like nothing I've felt before. Zeke's next amazing quality, is his outgoing and friendly temperament. He just never meets a stranger, and is such a happy boy, and well behaved. For a puppy, he's doing amazingly well. Hasn't destroyed anything, cares for his toys with respect, potty trained very fast, never once went number two in the house. Lol. Zeke is a super super boy, and we are THRILLED to add him to our kennels here at Arctic Akitas. He has completed basic puppy class, and we are adding to his skill set daily. He will be entering the show ring in the near future. Watch out Alaska!

Pix Below ages 5 - 6 months

Pix Below ages 8 - 12 weeks

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