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Intro to the World of Showing your Dog

(Training Videos at bottom of page)

I know you're concerned that showing would take too much time, but it doesn't have to... every day lessons can be taught in your home, at a basic level. All you really need is a dog that is well behaved and will listen to you, and you're halfway there. You can practice trotting up and down a hallway, coming to a stop, and setting your dog up in its 'square stance', as if you're presenting it to the judge, all in your home, using maybe one of your kids as the "judge", etc.

Once you have the dog doing what you want him to do, in the relatively distraction-free zone of your home, just gradually work in more and more distractions, like taking it with you places like Lowe's, Petco, etc, and trotting up and down isles there, mock setting him up in a square stance, and having someone go over him, like a judge. You can work in small training sessions, like 15 mins max, into your regular schedule, hardly without missing a beat, really.

Once the dog is comfortably doing what you ask of him, even in distracting settings, you're 95% of the way done, and all set for the show ring. At that point, you can attend a few classes or 'mock shows' that the AK K9 Center in North Pole puts on, and you're all set.

As far as shows, there is only one show each May in Fairbanks that I'd like the dog to be in, and there is the option of several shows each year in and around the Anchorage area, of which one or two shows could be an option. A fun family 3 day weekend road trip once or twice a year? :-)

I am happy to coach new families into the world of dog shows. It's not as difficult and time consuming as many make it out to be. It can be a fun family activity, and give you something to work towards. And hey, if you come home with a ribbon, extra bonus! :-)

Feel free to ask me for more information, I'd be happy to share.

Dog Show Tips:

Watch the below videos to get an idea of how to train a dog for the Conformation Show Ring. You can find many more videos on, and other online resources.  Just search for "Conformation Dog Shows for Beginners" or "how to stack a dog" etc.    Happy Training!

Episode 1         Episode 2         Episode 3         Episode 4         Episode 5

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