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Hells Bells Arctic's Special Reserve


Age: 7 years

Weight: 120 pounds

Color: Black w/Silver Undercoat / Black Mask

Pictured above at 5 years old - our wonderful big bear of a boy!

We call him "Choco", pronounced 'Chalk O', as in a special reserve dark chocolate. In the sun you can see his undercoat coming through, but he is black. He is our darkest Akita here. Choco is one of our newest additions, and he is a very nice boy. Calm temperament, stands his ground, and is of course very sweet to his family. High hopes for this little guy - and he won't be little for long. Choco will likely grow to be about 140 pounds as an adult!

Pictured below is from Winter 2015 / 2016. He's filled out even more since then. New pix soon :-)

Pictured below is Choco from the Summer and fall of 2015. He's grown a lot since then, as well. He's HUGE! His fur is still like velvet, and he's a very happy boy (if he knows you! lol) We love our Choco so much! He has such substance!

Shown below at 8 weeks of age

To see a beautiful litter of puppies sired by Choco, click HERE

More Pictures to come, as he grows and matures. Check back often!

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