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Arctic's Toby

* Toby has gone to his forever home, just outside of Fairbanks, where he is being totally spoiled and can have all the attention a dog could want *

Age: 5 years

Weight: 90 pounds

Color: Pinto

We rescued Aries and Toby from a less than satisfactory situation, and have added them to our "pack" here at Arctic Akitas. They have meshed nicely with our dogs, and we are very happy they have joined us. Toby is a nice boy with a steady temperament - nothing rocks his boat! He loves hanging out with the girls, chasing and being chased, in our large enclosure we built for our Akitas. He also does very well with our daughter, and enjoys walks and goofing around. Toby has a nice long curly tail, like Aries, and is also in the process of growing a new coat. I love his wide face - aka "cheeky." I'll get some more pictures later on. Keep checking back!

More pictures to come, once his new coat grows in

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