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Arctic's Aries

* Aries has gone back to her breeders home, to live out the rest of her life with her original pack *

Age: 3 years

Weight: 75 pounds

Color: Pinto

We rescued Aries and Toby from a less than satisfactory situation, and have added them to our "pack" here at Arctic Akitas. They have meshed nicely with our dogs, and we are very happy they have joined us. Aries is a sweet girl, with lots of energy, and does great with our 5 year old daughter. She loves attention and gives lots of kisses. She has a nice head shape, and a nice long curly tail. Check back for more pictures - these ones are not the best, as she is in the process of "blowing coat" and has not been groomed. She should grow a nice thick coat, once she is done blowing her coat. I'll post more pix then. Check back often for updates!

Just playin' around - she is so silly with us! But look at that nice wide head she has!

What a nice stride this little bitch has - look at the extension!

More pictures to come, once her new coat grows in

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