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Arctic's Kona

* Kona has gone to his forever home, right here in Fairbanks *

Age: 4 years

Weight: 95 pounds

Color: Red Pinto / Black Mask

Kona recently came to us from an owner surrender. He's a nice AKC Akita, who has super movement, and is very agile and strong. He's definitely got that "Akita personality" where it takes a while for him to consider you a friend. We've had him for a few months, and he's just now starting to show us some affection and playfulness. He's a serious boy, but once he deems you family, he's all yours. Akitas are very loyal in that respect. He's come a long way though, in a few months, and he knows we are alpha in the "pack," which took some dedication to being consistent in how we behaved around and towards him. He's excellent with our young daughter, as Akitas are great family dogs.

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