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Alchemist Arctic's CeaseFyre

* CeCe has been spayed and placed into a companion home; unfortunately she did not pass her OFA HIPS, therefor she cannot be bred. She has gone to her forever home, to be pampered as the Queen she knows she is, for the rest of her life *

Age: 2 years

Weight: 95 pounds

Color: Shaded Black and White / Black Mask

Her call name is CeCe - and she is as perfect as they come! How can you resist such a face?! My ultimate thanks goes out to Brian Williams of Alchemist Akitas, for entrusting us in the care of this little baby. CeCe has a very endearing personality, and is so well behaved. We just love her beautiful shaded coat - it reminds me of Ember (Huntmere's Regalia's Bonfyre) who is her great grandmother on both sides, and who she is named after. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to own and show such a stunning animal. Her future is very bright; watch for her in a ring near you! Training underway for this sweet princess!

OFA HIPS: Pending Results (X-Rays taken and sent to OFA)

UPDATE: CeCe has paseed her OFA/CERF eye exam. Exam Date: May 25, 2013.

Her OFA Eye Certification Registration #: AK-EYE71/18F-VPI

CeCe has been found to be free of observable inherited eye disease. Her eyes are normal. When she turns 2, we'll get her hips certified by the OFA.

Alchemist Arctic's CeaseFyre

Cece has great movement and a powerful stride. These above shots are from the March Show down in Anchorage, 2013. Age: 18 months. You go girl, CeCe!!!

Update: Cece is now a STAR, having completed the AKC STAR puppy classes, and passed the test with flying colors! You make it look so easy, CeaseFyre!

Alaska Kennel Club Show in Anchorage, Alaska, March 2013. Reserve Winners Bitch - not bad for being out of coat completely! Age: 16 months.

Tanana Valley Kennel Club Show in Anchorage, Alaska, March 2013. In this photo you can see a bit more of her FLASH side! Reserve Winners Bitch. Age: 16 months.

Below, CeCe is just over one year old. I just LOVE her nice bear head, and to me, she just screams great Akita TYPE.

In this side profile, you can see her nice ear set, following the crest of the neck, her well defined stop, and her muzzle to head ratio is correct as per the AKC standard for the Akita.

Below, Cece takes Best of Breed, again, at the TVKC show this past May, 2012. She is just over 6 months old in this photo.

Below (next two photos), Cece takes Best of Breed as well as a Group 2 placement at our Puppy fun match and AKC Sanctioned match here in Fairbanks. She was just shy of 6 months at this show, and performed beautifully. Way to go, Cece! She is a joy to show. More photos to come from our latest TVKC show this past Memorial Day weekend.

Alchemist Arctic's CeaseFyre

Don't you just LOVE AKITA PUPPIES ? ? ? ! ! !

Scroll to the very bottom; this Akita is CeCe's great grandmother on her dad's side, and her great grandmother on her mom's side. One of my favorite Akitas of all time. I'd like to do some linebreeding on Ember in the future, and I can see many of her traits starting to come out in my CeCe, who is now one year old.

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