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Alaskan Sun Bear

Age: 5 years

Weight: 110 pounds

Color: Black with Fawn Undercoat / Black Mask

Bear is now retired

Alaskan Sun Bear, AKC male. He is one bear of a dog! This is Kinley's dad. This boy doesn't give his emotions away to just anyone - he has to get to know you before showing any type of true affection. He is a sensitive soul, as are a lot of akitas. Which is kind of nice to know. You have to win his heart, and then he'll win yours! He is so loving and gentle with our family. Our daughter often goes up to him and gives him food from her hand, and he takes it very politely! He has a beautiful coat, and passes it to his puppies. Click pedigree below to view. We are so glad to have Bear come live with us.

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