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Our Foster Dog Program

Become a part of our Ethical Breeding Program, as a Guardian Home to one of our Akitas! It is our hope that these dogs will, in part, help to further improve and protect the Akita breed as a whole.

(This program is also available for our Shibas and Pomskies) 

Have you ever wanted a high quality beautiful purebred dog, but could not afford to purchase one? Do you have an interest in having a wonderful family companion, but not in breeding? Do you live within 50 miles of Fairbanks, Alaska? This program is for established families or individuals, that can commit to the program for at least 6 years. Our Foster Program may be right for you. Please read this page to become familiar with our program, and what it would entail. Take a look at the contract, and feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

In an effort to help further improve and protect the Akita breed, lower the overall size of my kennel, and streamline my approach in establishing and improving the bloodlines of my dogs, we have adopted the Foster Dog Program. Potential applicants will receive a show quality / pick of the litter puppy or dog at little to NO COST to them, in exchange for allowing Arctic Akitas to include this dog in their breeding program, under certain conditions. This program is similar to a co-ownership situation that many top show kennels use worldwide. Please review the contract below.

This is a win - win - win for all involved. It's a win for the new families involved because they get an exemplary example of the breed (show quality) at little to NO COST to them. It's a win for the breeder because it lowers the size of standard kennels thus allowing for more time to be dedicated to the business aspect of creating, establishing and improving upon a bloodline. And it's a win for the dog, because they get much more one-on-one attention, becoming integrated into a loving family, verses living in a kennel. No matter how nice a kennel is, it's still a kennel. Becoming part of a family, living inside with them and getting attention and socializing time is a huge benefit of this program. This is a program not for those interested in breeding dogs themselves, but a great option for established families wanting to add a high quality companion animal into their lives, at no cost.

The Akita lives with the foster family for the majority of the year, and for their whole life. Once a year, for a period of about 3 days (for breeding), and for 6-7 weeks (delivery and growth of puppies) would the dog be in the care of Arctic Akitas. The rest of the year the dog will be with the foster family. Hey, it's a great time during that 6 week period to plan a family vacation! No exorbitant kenneling costs for your dog while you are gone; the dog stays at my kennel at no cost until puppies are weaned (usually age 6 weeks). Arctic Akitas assumes responsibility for placing all pups into qualified homes. Foster families don't have to worry about any of that. The dog then goes home to its foster family for the remaining 46 weeks of the year. The Akita will be on a contract for anywhere from 1 to 4 litters in their lifetime. Afterwards, the dog will be neutered & remain with their foster family for the rest of their lives. As an added bonus, the foster family may have the option to keep one of the puppies produced, at no cost. So in essence, they are getting 2 high quality Akitas for free!

If you think this program could work for you, please feel free to contact me, and I'd be happy to go into more detail about anything. It's a great option and benefits all involved; the new owner, the breeder and most importantly, the DOG !!! If you would like to participate in our ethical breeding program to further improve and protect the Akita breed, this program could be a great option for you.  



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