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AKC Akita Puppies

Anova x Choco

5 M / 1 F

DOB : 12/9/2022

Male 1 - THIS BOY HAS FOUND HIS HOME , with Steve & Karen in Fairbanks, under my Guardian Homes Program!  This boy is amazing, pretty much a carbon copy of his dad, Choco.  

Male 2 - SOLD to Brent & Alexandria of Alaska - This is a specially priced pup who is very stocky,  has a great coat, bear head and a sweet and gentle personality.  Contact me for more info on him!  

Male 3 - SOLD to Shania of Alaska!  This boy has it all; he's going to be a head turner for sure, and will leave an unmistakable Akita impression upon all he meets.  Personality plus, too!  Lucky new owners!  

Male 4 - SOLD to Ashley and Tyler of Alaska!  I call this pup, Cat Boy lol, because his ears came up first; he's adorable.  Great example of the Akita breed.  He's going to have a great life with his new family!  

Male 5 - SOLD to Lekana and Zach of Washington!  This pup was a bit shy at first, but has since blossomed into a very spunky and playful fellow!  Can't wait to get pupdates from his new pawrents soon :-) 

Female 1 - SOLD to Lisa of Alaska - This little girl is so outgoing, playful and full of life!  She's adorable too.  

Thanks for Looking!

Once Akita, Always Akita!

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