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Main Street's Shiroi Kabocha at Arctic Akitas

Welcome our newest member of the furry family! Shiroi is such a sweetie with excellent Akita type, structure, coat, and temperament. Thank you Jen with Main Street Akitas for this amazing opportunity to incorporate some really stellar bloodlines into our family tree here at Arctic Akitas. Shiroi has some very impressive relatives in her pedigree , from some of the kennels that I've always admired, and that have a similar breeding goal in mind. Many of the Akitas in Shiroi's pedigree came from kennels that are also breeding towards combining the best traits of both the American Akita and the Japanese Akita together, to form that "ideal" Akita in so many ways. The Akita that harkens back to the old times, when dogs with curly tails pointy ears and thick weatherproof coats roamed the snowy mountains of old Japan. Shiroi definitely embodies so many of these traits, and we can't wait to see how she helps to improve and preserve all that we've been aiming towards, here at Arctic Akitas. She is such a beautiful white polar bear puppy and I'm sure she will mature into a gorgeous and impressive adult Akita. Check back for updates. We love you Shiroi! Enjoy the puppy pix below. She is very active, and a bit hard to photograph but enjoy nonetheless. Such spirit she has! Scroll to the bottom to see all her wonderful relatives.  

Pix below at age 7 months old

Pix below at age 4 months old

Pix below at age 8 weeks old

See below, pix of some of the gorgeous Akitas in Shiroi's family tree

Shiroi's Dad

Shiroi's Mom

Paternal Grandfather

Paternal Grandmother

A relative on her mom's side

A relative on her mom's side

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