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Our Females


Breezee is a very sweet girl who just craves attention, and she deserves it because she is such an awesome girl. Loves to be with her family and stays close when off leash which is great! Breezee loves to come on adventures with us. She is about 20 pounds, and very fluffy! Her eyes are mostly brown but one of them has a fleck of pretty blue, and she produces blue eyed puppies! So much fun! We love your Breezee!  


Sprite is our delicate and graceful little beauty queen, weighing in at about 15 pounds. She resides in a local guardian home, and gets to go to lots of neat places! Of course everyone comments on her eyes :-) Sprite is such a unique girl and we can't wait to see her gorgeous puppies one day soon! She reminds me so much of the family dog I had, growing up as a child named Daisy. Stay tuned for updates on little Spritey Sprite!  

Sprite as a young pup

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