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Reviews / Testimonials

Kasey from Alaska : Melissa is a top notch breeder! She was helpful from day one and takes great pride in her dogs. Her knowledge of Akitas is vast and the level of care and commitment she provides in finding the right owners for each dog is obvious right from the start.

As a first time dog owner I was concerned that an Akita may not be the right breed for me. Melissa matched me with the prefect pup (whom we named Rainier) with a great temperament and fun personality. He is very intelligent and easy to work with. In obedience classes he quickly excelled! We receive compliments every time we go into town on how beautiful and friendly Rainier is. Melissa is always available to answer questions and provide advice when we call or text her.

Melissa is well known around town as having the most gentle and beautiful Akitas around!

Bruce from North Carolina : Thank you Melissa for picking a perfect puppy for us. It was extremely hard to purchase a dog without seeing it. We live in North Carolina and she made it extremely easy to purchase a dog from Alaska. She took care of all the travel arrangements and she made sure that our puppy arrived here safely. We purchased a show dog whose temperament exceeds her beauty and eludes to her pedigree. We couldn't ask for a finer addition to our family. She is a wonderful family companion who, in the future, we hope will win many competitions. She is very intelligent and was house broken in under a week. Her eagerness to please is demonstrated through her obedience to commands. But first and for most her in love and relationship with my son's is reciprocated in the highest level of love one can ask in a companion animal. I'm not quite sure who loves who most, they are inseparable. In the words of my 12 year old son: "Vixen is the best dog in the world, I love her with all of my heart. She isn't only my dog she is a part of my family. I love our relationship and she is my best friend. Her crate is next to my bed, she is my fluffy lovable pillow that I lounge on for hours, we play fetch and tag, a lot. But most importantly she jumps at me every time I get on and off the school bus showing me she doesn't want me to leave and is always eager at my return." Melissa is definitely an honorable and reliable person. Everything about this purchase went very smoothly and the whole thing was based on trust. Melissa is definitely a person who can be trusted and I highly recommend her as a dog breeder.

Diana from Alaska : Great experience! Great dogs! Melissa cares about her dogs and their puppies. She's always eager for updates and makes sure her contracts are followed through. Our pup has the best temperament I've ever seen and I'm glad that Melissa gave me the opportunity to own one of her pups

Gwen from Alaska : Melissa at Arctic Akitas has been great. She takes really good care of her pups and expects the new owners to do the same. She really cares about the pups and that really shows in the outcome of the dog. Our Akita is the sweetest at home with our family and has a great demeanor outside of the home ( which is not typical). Our Akita is healthy and was well adjusted when we got him at 11 weeks old. We definitely recommend her every time we get a compliment on our beautiful dog!

Scott & Samantha from Montana : We highly recommend Melissa from Arctic Akitas! After weeks of searching for an Akita and coming across several questionable breeders across the country we finally found Arctic Akitas. We found Melissa to be trustworthy and very quick to respond and is willing to answer any questions you may have. Our puppy “Molly” is very playful and has a great temperament. We really appreciate how professional and easy it was to work with Melissa and for the great puppy we received from Arctic Akitas.

My wife and I couldn't be any more satisfied with our experience. Melissa is an extremely easy going business owner, and never hesitates to keep in contact answering questions or just sharing pictures of our new family member. I would highly recommend contacting Arctic Akitas if you have done your research on the Akita breed and are seriously considering one for your K-9 companion.

Dominique from Alaska : Melissa is a great Breeder and produces high quality Akitas! I couldn't be happier with Zoey, she is a beautiful Akita that gets plenty of attention everywhere we go because of her quality and beauty. If you are looking for a quality Akita puppy then Arctic Akitas is the right choice!

Abigail from Alaska : Great experience in adopting our puppy. Melissa really cares about the animals and it definitely shows. Our dog is one of the sweetest I've ever known. I've had an Akita before, but not from a puppy. It's definitely been an amusing and interesting puppyhood.

Tim from Washington : Awesome dogs!!! Melissa remains involved after you take your pup home keeping an interest in how you and your new friend are doing. Can't think of a nicer friendlier place to deal with when looking for an akita!!!

Samantha from Alaska : Wonderful first impression when walking into the kennel areas. All Akita's were very friendly and happy. Each dog had its own adequate space and there was an impressive puppy corral in the center where I was able to see the mom and babies in an open and safe enclosure.

Melissa was super friendly and very easy to work with. I initially was going in to accompany a friend while she was picking up her puppy when I fell in love with my Kona bear. Melissa gave me and my husband time and space to think and make our decision about getting another dog. It was clear she wanted her puppies the go to the very best and deserving homes. It was nice to see that she wasn't out for the profit. She was looking out for the dogs. I loved that about her and her kennel.

Will definitely recommend her Kennel to anyone who is looking for an Akita (and who has done their research on the breed!!!!)

George & Sheila from Alaska : We first added a female Akita tweenie to our family in January 2014. With the recommendation from the breeder Melissa, we picked a female and named her Nala. We already had a male Siberian husky in the house that was around 1 year old. Nala was the perfect pick for our family. Having owned 2 American Akitas in the past, we were very familiar with the behavior and habits. I can honestly say that the dogs from Arctic Akitas are very intelligent, learn quickly and are easy to train with the proper guidance. We have recently picked up another American Akita puppy in November 2016. A male we named Koda. We have already been able to teach Koda all the basic commands. He knows his name, he sits, shakes, lays down and can spin on our command. He sits by the door when he needs to go potty outside and just recently learned speak for a treat, which is very impressive. Especially at 2.5 months old. I highly recommend Arctic Akitas to anyone that wishes to add an amazing addition to their family. Nala and Koda are exceptional companions.

Kirk from Alaska : "Wasabi"is now six months old, extremely alert and intelligent, has great posture, healthy and a gentle demeanor. Melissa was thorough and very professional to deal with.

Lin from Alaska : Melissa's Kennel and her treatment of her dogs is awesome! If you are looking for an Akita or information on one; Arctic Akitas is a great place to get started.

Geoff & Karla from Alaska : We recently bought an Akita from the owner. We found her to be very polite, responsive to our questions, and wanted insight into our goals/objectives for wanting an Akita.

The dialogue went both ways, as we wanted to ensure a responsible breeder. The owner was receptive and allowed us to visit the kennel. We found large enclosures with free running puppies with the parents. ALL the Akitas we observed had good care. The owner responded very knowledgeably regarding our questions on care, veterinarians, feeding, etc.

We have maintained a weekly dialogue with the owner and have found her to be kind, patient, and professional. Previous post have referenced AKC registration. Our understanding is that once we provide proof of neutering we will be given the AKC papers.

Our veterinarian is familiar with the breeder and he spoke very positively about her and her operation. We would recommend, and without hesitation, would be interested in buying from this breeder again.

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