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Akiko has found her furever home!!!

Akiko is such a sweet girl. Akiko did not come from my kennels, but I took her in as an owner surrender. She was originally placed into a home with another female dog, something which most ethical Akita breeders would never do, and (not surprisingly) conflict arose. Poor Akiko. Uninformed owners and careless breeder placement has put her in this situation. At only 6 months old, she would transition very well into any family, especially one with children, as she loves kids very much! Akiko would do well with another large male dog, but no other female dogs please. Unknown with cats. Since Akiko is so young, she is able to go any direction her new owners would like. Fairly submissive to her humans, she is very sweet and loves to give kisses. But fear not! Akitas will protect when needed! She's in her gangly teenage phase right now, but should fill out quite a bit as she matures. Please be a firm but fair leader, and she will thrive and adore you till the end of time!

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