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Our Philosophy

Melissa - Arctic Akitas

Being in compliance with all AKC regulations, including making sure all our dogs are in safe, secure and clean environments, is a priority here at Arctic Akitas. We are USDA inspected and certified, and hold an Alaska State Business license. A considerable amount of care and planning is made in regards to our dogs, and the future of any puppies we place. All breeding stock has been cleared for good health and soundness before breeding, and all dogs and puppies are fed a very high quality kibble - meat always first ingredient, as well as real bones from the butcher several times a week. When they spend any time outdoors, dogs have access to shelter at all times. We dedicate time every day towards the care, socializing and training of our dogs and puppies, so that they can transition well to their new environments, when the time comes.

* Read about our many happy puppy owners in the Testimonials page *

Carefully screening potential homes is also among our top priorities, to ensure that the new owners are well aware of what it takes to own an Akita. We stand behind our puppies 100%, and will take a dog back at any time for any reason; none of our puppies deserve a shelter life. Sending all our puppies out on a contract with the new owners is also very important to us. The contract is enforced for the well being of the puppy, breeder and new owner, and requires spay/neuter of all companion animals, as well as photos to be sent to us. Staying in contact with our puppy buyers is of utmost importance, as the welfare of the dog is a lifetime commitment. We feel that dedication to all of the above principles is what defines a responsible breeder.

We feel that a dog should be judged by its' looks, health, soundness and temperament. We raise both American and Japanese type Akitas, pulling the best traits and characteristics from each type. Our dream is to produce that ideal Akita - a dog that can not only look gorgeous, but one that can also excell at all the things these dogs were intended to do, originally.

There are breeders out there that may disagree with this philosophy, and therefor have personal vendettas that overshadow their ability to honestly evaluate a breeders' motives. It is unfortunate that some people's personal opinions and passions can become so intense, that they feel the need to state false claims and slander about other breeders.

Please go to "Akita Info" page for more information and to read some articles that I wrote, regarding the two types of Akitas, and other related topics.

We evaluate our puppies for show/pet quality at 6 - 8 weeks old, never sooner. All selection of puppies will happen after the evaluation has taken place. This is to make sure that everyone gets the quality of puppy that they are expecting, and paying for, nothing less. We also never base our prices on the sex, color or markings of the puppy. Equal opportunity puppy placement kennel.

We are confident that potential puppy buyers can see for themselves the outstanding quality of our Akitas, and can be rest assured that we will be a constant support for any future concerns. You can view countless happy puppies that we've placed, and their loving owners, on our page, "Puppies in their New Homes." Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and treasured members of our family. It is our hope that your new Akita puppy will bring you great pleasure, and that, by providing firm guidance, training, and love, your Akita will grow up to become all that you expect and MORE!

Melissa - Arctic Akitas

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