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Upcoming Breedings:
These breedings are subject to change, but gives a good idea of what we are breeding towards.
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 - UPDATE  - 7/6/21 -

Tentative Breeding Plans are as follows:

Anova x [Choco & Sully]- Puppies have been born!  Click HERE for new puppy pix!  All puppies will be DNA tested to determine the father.  Breeding a female to two males during her receptive time, allows 1 litter to be genetically diverse.  This helps the mother dog to not have as many litters, by maximizing the potential of 1 litter.  Puppies from Choco will be mostly American type, with great size and excellent Akita type.  Puppies from Sully should also have good size but with the Japanese type in color and facial features.  Very exciting pairings for this litter.  Click HERE to view a previous litter from Anova and Choco.  Puppies will be ready approx July 2021. 

Astraea x Yoshi - Puppies have been born!  Click HERE for new puppy pictures!  Very excited about this combination.  The puppies are phenomenal, with perfect Akita type, stable temperaments, sound structure, great coats and big bear heads.  Puppies will be ready approx July 2021.  

Ziri x Choco - Puppies have been born!  Click HERE fore new puppy pictures!  A new pairing; I'm excited to see the results of this breeding.  Puppies will be ready in August 2021. 

Sandy x Sully - A mostly Japanese type pairing , set to happen around the end of 2021.  A repeat breeding that has produced stunning red and white puppies, as well as some silver brindle and black brindle puppies.  Click HERE to view the previous litter.  

I have a few more litters planned in the next few months; American, Japanese and Tweenie types.  All AKC registered.  Stay tuned for updates!   

*** Puppies ready for homes now!  We have a wide variety of coat colors and types available.  Thank you! ***   

*** Wait List will fill up fast for these litters, so please fill out a Puppy Questionnaire to be considered. Thank you. ***


Right now we're in the process of a few breedings, with puppies to be ready for new homes in the next few months.  Accepting Deposits now, to be put on a wait list for those litters.  Wait list has a few on it already, so call me to see your approximate place on the list.  Thanks!
See WAIT LIST INFO page for more info.


See Currently Available page for pictures of Available Puppies

Please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire, which can be found on the Wait List Info page, if you would like to be considered for one of these gorgeous puppies.

Thanks for looking!

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