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Dora was returned to me from her previous retirement home, due to the couple's upcoming move and lack of money for a new pet deposit.  Therefor Dora is available to an approved family.  Please be sure you can afford to KEEP a pet, no matter what, before you commit !  Dora is an awesome dog!  She's great with kids, adults and some dogs!  Please contact me for more info on this gorgeous black brindle Akita girl.  


Please check our "Planned Breedings" page for info on Upcoming Litters -

We have several options coming up, all within the next few months.  
Please be sure you have read over the 'Puppy Agreement' form.  No puppy will be sold without the new owners signing and complying to the contract.  You can find it on the Wait List Info page.  Thank you!


Vaccine and Food Info
    All puppies come UTD on shots and dewormer, and will come with a small bag of food to get them started.  Puppies get dewormer at age 6 weeks and again at age 8 weeks.  Puppies get a 5-way Parvo shot at age 8 weeks, and every  three weeks after that, spaced three weeks apart, for a total of (3) shots all together.  If you get your puppy at age 8 weeks, he will have had two rounds of dewormer and one shot.  He will need two more shots, spaced 3 weeks apart.  You can either go to the vet for that, or do it yourself.  See my Useful Links page for info on where to get the shots.  He shouldn't need to go to the vet again until age 4 months, for his Rabies Shot.
Puppies should be fed a good quality food, with no more than 25% protein, and meat as first ingredient.  No wheat or soy - bad for Akitas!  Puppies are on a mix when you get them, any brand is fine, as long as it meets the above requirements.  One recommended brand: Diamond Naturals, just the regular adult formula.  Begin with 1 - 2 cups / day, working up to 4 - 5 cups / day when older.  Puppies are used to the food being soaked until mushy.  It is better to feed in smaller quantities a few times a day, and be sure to limit activity right after eating, as this could cause bloat / flipping of stomach, which can be fatal!

See Planned Breedings page for more info.

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