(above) typical Akita puppies produced by Arctic Akitas

My pick female from Kinley x Kai 2014 (above)

ADORABLE !!!  I love Akita Puppies !!!

(Above) : One of my favorite puppies so far - out of Kinley and Kona.  His name is Ichi, owned by a very lucky Ron of AK.  He is shown here as a puppy and lastly at about 13 months old.  I'll post a few more pix as he matures more.  Lovely coat, conformation and personality.  Very nice Akita all around.
Above and below photo: Left to right: Kenai, and Kinley - full AKC brother and sister Akitas, from different litters.  Kinley is the fawn with black overlay, and Kenai is the silver with black overlay.  Kinley is showing submissive behavior towards her brother, who is taller yet younger than her.
Cece and Kinley at the TVKC show, lookin' pretty!
Sun Bear, lounging with his granddaughter, Kitsune.
Notice the perfect shading and dense
quality of coat on the puppy above.
Shishi (Long Coat) and Mishka, from Nikita and Spikes Sept. 2011 litter, having fun in the snow.  Akita Puppies LOVE the snow! 
Am I cozy or what?!  And you want me to move?!
Brindle Pinto Female (Kinley and Spike Oct. 2011)
Mishka, typical Akita Snow Puppy!
Shishi, a lovable teddy bear!
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